The KRG’s Goals: Food security, Self-sufficiency, Economic prosperity for farmers, Becoming a major producer and exporter of wheat, vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, and poultry to the region.

Growth Potential

The Kurdistan Region has high potential due to growing population coupled with urbanization. Kurdistan boasts a combined 1.5 million hectares of irrigated lands, a diversified population of livestock, and strong environmental and natural conditions that allows for the development of a variety of agriculture products. Currently, agriculture industry contributes to 10% of the total GDP.


Agriculture industry is one of the prioritized sectors for investment by the KRG. The KRG offers incentives for efficient & large-scale investments since 2006. Between 2006-2014, the KRG has invested $704 million in agriculture industry. Around $1 billion will be spent for the development of the industry over next 5 years.


Agriculture industry is a major source of employment in the Kurdistan Region. Some 10% of the population live in rural areas and rely subsistence agriculture.

Regulatory Environment

The KRG has increased regulatory control for quality and performance.

Annual Subvention

The KRG offers farmers’ subsidies estimated at $250 million a year.

Investment Tip: Silos & Warehouses

The KRG’s development plan prioritises the construction of new wheat and barley silos. At the moment, Kurdistan has only 7 silos & warehouses, and the storage capacity is about 385,000 tons. However, the KRG has concrete plans to increase that capacity to 1 million tons in the short term.