MSELECT is pleased to announce the launch of our 2014 Kurdistan Oil & Gas Job Market Overview and Salary Survey, the first such comprehensive survey ‘from the ground’ in Kurdistan. By developing two different surveys, the goal was to approach both employees working throughout Kurdistan and major Oil and Gas ‘Exploration & Production’ companies operating in the same region. The questionnaires were carefully designed to obtain the participating employees’ career information in light of the fast-paced economic development of Kurdistan, in comparison to the surveyed companies’ hiring trends and what they offer in terms of compensation, benefits packages and career development opportunities. Company information was supplied by most of the major international Oil & Gas operators in Kurdistan.

The employees’ survey was conducted over a four-month period and covered all types of expertise within Kurdistan. With over 1,000 respondents, MSELECT was able to form a general idea of the professional disciplines available in the market, their pay structure and benefits received, as well as expectations from current and future employers. This is likely to have a direct influence on companies that are looking to increase their current workforce in the short- or mid-term by adjusting their hiring strategies to effectively attract talented candidates.