Qaiwan City

Qaiwan Group is the developer of many of the construction projects now underway around Slemani. Qaiwan has completed phase one of Qaiwan City, a 360-unit residential complex, and has nearly completed phase two, which will include about 1000 housing units. Qaiwan is also overseeing the Qaiwan Towers development. The project is the largest of its kind in downtown Slemani. It consists of two towers and an adjoining mall. Commercial offices will occupy one of the towers, and the second will house the Slemani Rotana Hotel. Qaiwan aims to complete the project in late 2015. The firm's capital expenditure on the project will be over $150 million.

Qaiwan's Sulaymaniyah Heights project is a luxury housing development located in the Azmar Mountains overlooking Slemani. When it opens it is slated to be the most advanced development project in Kurdistan. The development will include 2,200 units of housing and apartments. Qaiwan's capital expenditure on this project will be $500 million.

Qaiwan Group is also developing a more affordable project that will serve Kurdistan's middle class while still maintaining high quality standards. The Qaiwan Heights Apartments project will eventually become an enormous 6,000-unit apartment complex. It will be completed in 2016.

Erbil Arjaan

The 20-story Erbil Arjaan by Rotana is a first-class mixed-use project that will provide serviced offices and hotel apartments to clients in the Kurdish capital. Total investment in the project is $52 million, with ownership divided as follows: Malia Invest Holding %60, SS Roza Offshore 30%, and DIVA Srl 10%.

Kurd Towers

The Kurd Towers are a deluxe commercial and residential development by Faruk Real Estate. The towers will comprise 265 residential units and 160 offices.The Kurd Towers will rise 175 meters, making them the tallest towers in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Erbil Business & Trade Center

The first phase of the 200,000 m2 Erbil Business and Trade Center’s (EBTC) Justice Tower will reach completion in the fourth quarter of 2015 at a total cost of $200 million. The EBTC will contain 1,100 offices ranging in size from 55 m2 to 4800 m2 that cater to local contractors and businesses as well as international corporations.