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Erbil Rotana

Foreign Investment

The gross inflow of the foreign direct investments in Kazakhstan reached new heights in 2016, growing 40% compared to 2015 and surpassing the previous record from 2008, according to the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Fixed-asset investments into Zhuhai have grown by an average of 18.9% per year between 2011 and 2016, moving from RMB 63.7 billion (about $9 billion) to RMB 143.6 billion, according to the Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of commerce. These investments, mainly attracted by infrastructural, industrial, and real estate development, have also boosted Zhuhai’s GDP, making it the main “emerging force” in South China. But why are investors are focusing their attention on Zhuhai?


Saudi Arabia wants 10% of its electricity to come from renewable sources within several years as part of a transformation in its power sector.

Jamaica is on course to achieving 30% of its energy consumption from renewables by 2030.

Middle Eastern nations announced an ambitious energy project to establish an Arab Common Market for electricity. The energy ministers from 14 Arab countries signed a memorandum of understanding, confirming their commitment to the development of an integrated electricity supply system for the Middle East.


Increased infrastructure investment and real estate sales helped boost China's economic growth in the first quarter of 2017. But the government-led growth is also leading to an asset bubble that could fetter the country's growth.

UK firms are cautiously eying opportunities in Iran ahead of an expected $600 billion boom in trade and infrastructure investmentover the next ten years.

Qatar has earmarked $13 billion in investments for 2017with industry analysts predicting the market to peak within the first half of the year. With the country’s construction sector expected to account for 45% of investments between 2015 and 2018, Qatar’s construction market is booming despite economic pressures from low oil prices.


Investors who took a hit last year when dozens of U.S. shale producers filed for bankruptcy are already making big new bets on the industry's resurgence. In the first quarter, private equity funds raised $19.8 billion for energy ventures - nearly three times the total in the same period last year.


Overseas companies spent big on building mobile phone infrastructure in Myanmar over the past year, while they took a break from exploring oil and gas.


As Changi Airport maintains its leadership position among international air hubs globally, plans are under way to redesign it into a smart airport. Up to 8,000 new jobs will be created or redesigned to enhance productivity by about 40% over the next eight years.

Germany-based Lilium Aviation has just completed test flights of its vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) electric aircraft. The compact aircraft is designed to be a zero-emission personal transportation aircraft for civilian use.


The Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), is poised to unlock an unprecedented estimated private sector investment of about $30 billionin the next few years.


China’s economy accelerated for a second-straight quarter as investment picked up, retail sales rebounded and factory output strengthened amid robust credit growth and further strength in property markets.


When you think about investing to powerfully grow your money into the future, what giant long-term trends come to mind first? Certainly anything on the cutting edge of technology does -- from mobile, the cloud, and AI to robotics, alternative energy, and autonomous cars. But do you know what sector is bigger than technology and has trounced it by 3 times since 1999? Healthcare. And it offers just as much innovation, if not more -- with more diversification. If you are investing for the future, you need exposure to the healthcare sector to grow truly life-changing wealth.

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