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Erbil Rotana

Abu Dhabi — Al Barakah International Investments to invest $231 million tourism project in Abu Dhabi.

Bahrain — Nogaholding signed a five year $570 million multi-bank Murabaha facility to support investment into a number of large scale oil and gas projects within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Egypt — Egypt's government approved a draft state budget for 2016-17, targeting economic growth of 5-6 percent versus 4.4 percent in 2015-16.

India — The European Investment Bank to give $512 million in loan to India to finance the construction of Lucknow's first 23 km-long metro rail line and purchase a fleet of new trains.

Indonesia — Japan has agreed to provide a $2.49 billion private loan to finance the development of Indonesia's planned new deep-sea port project.

Japan — Banpu, Thailand's largest coal miner, to invest $170 million in solar power in Japan, as part of plan to boost capacity of renewable energy to 800 megawatts (MW) by 2025.

Mexico — Renewable energy developers are set to spend $2.6 billion on power plants in Mexico after winning bids in the country’s first-ever electricity auction.

Nigeria — The Federal Airports Authority is seeking private investors for the development of infrastructure across the nation’s airports to improve efficiency and render better services to the flying public.

Russia — Russia’s oil manufacturer Rosneft’s investment program is expected to grow by 30 percent in 2016 to $14.74 billion.

Rwanda — Rwanda aims to attract $1.5 billion in foreign direct investments in 2016.

Turkey — Investing $1.7 billion in a power plant in Yumurtalýk, Chinese firms have also respectively made bids of $2 billion and $10 billion in Turkey's wind and solar power industry sectors and bid also $3 billion for a thermal power plan.

Zambia — Glencore plans to invest over $1.1 billion in Zambia to sink three shafts with new technology that will extend mine life by over 25 years.

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