Opening up to the World: Tourism

Opening up to the World: Tourism

The tourism industry in the Kurdistan Region continues to grow, and new opportunities are emerging.

Kurdistan Region
07 Oct 2013

Setting the Bar High

Emre Altunal, General Manager, Divan Erbil

IIG talks to Emre Altunal, General Manager of Divan Erbil, on the hospitality industry in the Kurdistan Region.

Kurdistan Region
01 Jan 2016 - Erbil

Treasured Time

Ghassan Dalal, General Manager, Erbil Rotana

IIG talks to Ghassan Dalal, General Manager of Erbil Rotana, on the hospitality industry and the hotel’s future plans.

Kurdistan Region
29 Sep 2015 - Erbil

Slemani’s Landmark

Heimo Leitgeb, General Manager, Grand Millennium Sulaimani

While the ways in which the Grand Millennium Hotel have reshaped Slemani’s skyline are clear, Heimo Leitgeb, the hotel’s General Manager, discusses...

Kurdistan Region
11 May 2014 - Sulaimani

First Mover

Saad Hasan, CEO, Qaiwan Group

Saad Hasan provides IIG with exclusive insight into the Qaiwan Group’s strategy, as well as its latest projects and developments.

Kurdistan Region
11 May 2014 - Slemani