The Review Kurdistan Region September-2014

Issue 6 / September 2014 The Review Kurdistan, September 2014 Cover

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Real Estate & Construction, Human Capital, ICT, and Agriculture & Water sectors play an increasingly effective role in the economic and social development of the Kurdistan Region. In this issue, we keep an eye on the recent developments and achievements relating to opportunities and challenges in these critical sectors.

Diplomacy Kurdistan in Austria

interview: Dr. Mustafa Ramazan Goran

Dr. Mustafa Ramazan Goran speaks to IIG regarding the ties that the KRG Representation in Austria is fostering between Austrian and Kurdish business and society.

Diplomacy Kurdistan in France

interview: Khaman Zirar Asaad

Khaman Zirar Asaad provides IIG exclusive insight into the ways in which the KRG Representation in France is bringing French business to the Kurdistan Region.

Economy Ambitious Target of Growth

interview: Raad Zahid

Raad Zahid provides IIG with some specifics on the ESX’s opening, initial market capitalization, and plans to attract foreign investors.

Economy Building on Industrial Capacity

interview: Dilshad Shakir

Dilshad Shakir speaks to IIG about the role that Azady Industries is playing in the development of Sulaimani a center for heavy indus- try in Iraq and the broader region, and well as the major potential for further growth in the sector.

Economy Game Changer

interview: Baker Saeed Taufiq

Baker Saeed Taufiq discusses Azmar Air’s expanding ground handling operations in Kurdistan and the company’s ambitious plans to turn its Slemani base into a nexus for international cargo flights.

Economy Driving Growth

interview: Moh’d Fuad Anaswah

Fuad Anaswah provides IIG insight into the opportunities, as well as the challenges, in maintaining the sky- rocketing growth of the Kurdistan Region’s retail and fleet automobile sector, and how Niva has become a central player in the market.

Economy New Concept in Erbil

interview: John Downe

John Downe discusses the opportunities and challenges Azure sees as it introduces the serviced office concept to the Kurdistan Region.

Human Capital Educational Edge

interview: Robert Ritchie

Robert Ritchie speaks to IIG about the growing demand for professional development training and education in the Kurdistan Region, and how PDI’s MBA program remains the touchstone of business education in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Human Capital Harnessing Kurdistan’s Human Potential

interview: Ian McIntosh

Ian McIntosh talks to IIG about the MNR’s plans to develop technical and vocational skills that will allow the Kurdish workforce to take on a bigger role at all levels of Kurdistan’s booming oil and gas industry.

Human Capital Connecting Jobseekers with Employers

interview: Dr. Nawzad Kameran

Nawzad Kameran explains how Kurdistan Careers connects Kurdistan’s workforce with the region’s growing economy through networking and capacity building.

Energy Changing Dynamics

interview: Bilal Wahab

Bilal Wahab provides IIG exclusive analysis into the changing dynamics in Kurdistan’s energy sector and regional geopolitics, and argues for further progress in responsible management of the KRG’s energy sector and hydrocarbon revenues.

Real Estate Addressing New Developments

interview: Dean Michael

Dean Michael speaks to IIG regarding Atconz’s massive ambitions and developments in the Kurdistan Region, as well as the challenges and opportunities present in Kurdistan’s current business and regulatory environment.

Real Estate Quality - A Rising Trend

interview: Mario Al-Jebouri

Mario Al-Jebouri speaks to IIG about the quickly changing dynamics present in the Kurdistan Region’s real estate sector, its current challenges, and future opportunities.

Construction Global Design

interview: Yassin Younis

Yassin Younis provides exclusive insight into SSH Design’s entrance into the Kurdistan Region, and discusses the challenges and opportunities present in Kurdistan’s design and development sectors.

Retail The Big Box Comes to Kurdistan

interview: Jean Marie Boixel

Jean Marie Boixel predicts a bright future for hypermarkets like Auchan in Kurdistan.

Retail SI Retail’s Expansion in Kurdistan

interview: Christophe Durand

Christophe Durand talks with IIG about SI Retail’s expanding operations in Kurdistan and the opportunities in the retail sector.

Retail Retail Giant

interview: Bhupesh Malhotra

Bhupesh Malhotra speaks to IIG regarding the opportunities and challenges of pioneering foreign investment in the Kurdistan Region’s retail market.

ICT Connecting the Region

interview: Rebaz Kawa

Rebaz Kawa speaks to IIG regarding the trajectory of the Kurdistan Region’s ICT sector, the opportunities present, and the steps that TarinNet and the KRG are taking to realize the sector’s potential.

ICT Local Knowledge, Local Applications

interview: Godar J. Ibrahim

Godar Ibrahim speaks to IIG regarding the current opportunities and challenges facing Kurdistan’s ICT sector, and the huge potential in several ICT-related fields.

Life Divan Erbil: A Home for the Business Traveler

interview: Martin Kolb

Martin Kolb discusses a flurry of new projects at Divan Erbil.


Insight: Chris Parker

Sustaining Growth in Kurdistan: Creating the Skilled Workforce


Analysis: Shwan Zulal

Kurdistan facing tough timesbut confidence remains high


Insight: Gary Kent

Notes from Westminster


Focus: Ecocem

Finding Synergy in Unlikely Places