The Review Kurdistan Region May-2014

Issue 5 / May 2014 The Review Kurdistan, May 2014 Cover

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Briefing Sulaimani Forum

Sulaimani Forum

Sulaimani Forum brought together many of the most distinguished figures, and set a high standard for conferences in the Kurdistan Region.

Exclusive Women on the frontlines

Women on the Frontlines

IIG spoke to some of the women who have found professional success and are helping shape the growing Region.

Tourism Slemani’s Landmark

interview: Heimo Leitgeb

While the ways in which the Grand Millennium Hotel have reshaped Slemani’s skyline are clear, Heimo Leitgeb, the hotel’s General Manager, discusses the ways in which the hotel is also reshaping the landscape of the Region’s hospitality sector.

Transport Establishing Erbil as a Regional Hub

interview: Oliver Mathwich

Oliver Mathwich discusses dnata’s role in transforming the Erbil International Airport (EIA) into a regional hub for transport and aviation, and discusses the airport’s continued importance for the economic growth of the Kurdistan Region.

Health Innovative Approach

interview: Dr. Rang Shawis

Dr. Rang Shawis provides insight into the state of pediatric healthcare in the Kurdistan Region, and the ways in which he hopes that KCH will serve as a model for the healthcare sector’s further development and improvement.

Health Success Story

interview: Andreas Ahnlund

Andreas Ahlund recounts NMS’s incredible success story in the Kurdistan Region, growing the company from a single ambulance, to a major, globally integrated medical services provider, and discusses the ways in which NMS is investing in the healthcare sector’s human capital.

Health Lifting the Baseline

interview: Dr. Firya Peryadi

Dr. Firya Peryadi discusses the ways in which FMC is reshaping the Kurdistan Region’s healthcare system, and provides insight into the sector’s future.

Human Capital Building Capacity

interview: Allegra Klein

Allegra Klein provides insight into the expansion of MSelect into training and development, the training-related demands of local and multinational businesses in Kurdistan, and the future of the training sector in the Region.

Education Progress in Higher Education

interview: Khaled Salih

Khaled Salih provides IIG with exclusive insight into the progresses and challenges of the Kurdistan Region’s higher education system, and describes the ways in which UKH is reshaping thought and honing skill in its graduates.

Education Bringing Best Practices

interview: Carl Bistany

Carl Bistany provides IIG with insight into SABIS‘s major entrance into the Kurdistan Region’s market for education, and the ways in which SABIS® is transforming all levels of the educational landscape in the Kurdistan Region.

ICT Building an IT Enabled Society

interview: Antoine Kawkabani

Antoine Kawkabani discusses the steps being taken towards the maturity of the ICT market in the Kurdistan Region, and the role that CIS Iraq is playing in the development process.

ICT Leadership and Coordination

interview: Hiwa Afandi

Hiwa Afandi describes the role of the Department of Information Technology (DIT) in building the Kurdistan Region’s IT and ICT infrastructure, and discusses the broad opportunities for investors in the sector.

Real Estate Applying Insight

interview: Edward Carnegy

Edward Carnegy discusses the factors that make the Kurdistan Region’s real estate market unique, and provides insight into how the market may develop in coming years.

Construction Luxury Landmark

interview: Rasheed Abu Hamad

Dr. Rasheed Abu Hamad discusses the major Arbil Mass City development project, as well as the Kurdistan Region’s potential for further growth in the real estate sector.

Energy Securing Industry

interview: Botan Osman

Botan Osman offers insight into how the Region’s Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE), and security technology landscape are changing and developing, and predicts significant future growth and opportunity in the sector.

Energy Shifting to Production

interview: Majdi Ahmad

Majdi Ahmad provides IIG with exclusive insight into Kalegran’s ambitious development of the Akri-Bijeel Block, and shares his optimism regarding the future of the Kurdistan Region as an investment destination for international oil companies.

Energy Global Ambitions

interview: Alexander Dodds

Alexander Dodds discusses the ways in which the Kurdistan Region adds value to MOL Group’s portfolio, and discusses MOL Group’s strategy going forward for increasing production, creating value, and investing in the communities in which MOL Group operates.

Energy First Mover

interview: Saad Hasan

Saad Hasan provides IIG with exclusive insight into the Qaiwan Group’s strategy, as well as its latest projects and developments.

Finance Bringing Global Standards

interview: Nejdet Polat

Nejdet Polat provides insight into Bank’s strategy in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and discusses the ways in which the Region’s banking sector is becoming increasingly competitive.

Finance Financing Development

interview: Chawki Badr

Chawki Badr provides IIG with exclusive insight into BBAC’s decision to enter the Kurdistan Region, the bank’s strategy for financing many of the Region’s major infrastructure and development projects, and the significant potential for further growth in the Region’s banking sector.

Finance Expanding Local Market Share

interview: Nawzad Jaff

Nawzad Jaff provides exclusive insight into the opportunities present in the Region’s fast-growing banking sector, as well as challenges faced by banks in the Kurdistan Region, including international financial integration, local trust in the sector, and building human capital.

ICT Expanding Access

interview: Aram Daro Noori

Aram Daro Noori provides IIG exclusive insight into the possibilities, opportunities, and challenges presented by the deployment of fiber optic and wireless communications networks in the Kurdistan Region.

Finance Facilitating Investment

interview: Shwan Ibrahim Taha

Shwan Taha provides IIG with insight into the growth and evolution the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) and the Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX), and discusses the opportunities and challenges of investing in stocks and private equity in the Kurdistan Region.

Economy Turkish Economic Expansion & its Regional Implications

interview: Dr. Anwar Anaid

With increased business interactions between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey, socio-political bonds have strengthened in the recent years.

Economy Building Bridges

interview: Bakir Lashkari

Bakir Lashkari provides IIG with insight into the opportunities and challenges that Dutch businesses find in the Kurdistan Region.

Economy Investing in Long Term Growth

interview: Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey provides IIG insight into the investments and opportunities that Definitus finds appealing in the Kurdistan Region, as well as the challenges that Definitus addresses in Kurdistan Region’s private equity market.

Economy Iraq-Britain Business Council

interview: Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

Baroness Nicholson provides insight into the activities of the IBBC, and discusses the many opportunities in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region for UK business and investment.

Diplomacy Promoting Opportunities for Growth

interview: Rezan Kader

Rezan Kader discusses the business and investment opportunities that the Kurdistan Region offers Italian companies, and provides insight into the ways which the KRG Representation in Italy supports Italian companies expanding to the Region.

Diplomacy Long-term Collaboration

interview: Dilshad Barzani

Dilshad Barzani provides IIG with insight into the ways in which the KRG’s Representative office in Germany has brought the KRG and Germany together over the past two decades, and discusses the progress to come from German private sector investment in the Region.

Diplomacy Promoting Spanish Investment

interview: Daban Shadala

Daban Shadala provides IIG with insights into the KRG Representation in Spain’s strategy to draw Spanish investment into the Kurdistan Region, as well as the quick and impressive results of this strategy.