The Review Kurdistan Region December-2014

Issue 7 / December 2014 The Review Kurdistan, December 2014 Cover

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The Review

This issue provides updates relating to recent developments
 in a variety of sectors, including Diplomacy, Business, Energy, Higher Education, Transport, and Tourism.

Energy Energizing Kurdistan

interview: Baz Karim

IIG talks to Baz Karim about KAR's Erbil Refinery and the Group's ambitious future plans in the Kurdistan Region.

Diplomacy The KRG's Foreign Policy Perspective

interview: Falah Mustafa Bakir

Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir details the Kurdistan Region’s foreign policy goals and priorities in 2015 and the Region’s strengthening ties with the EU and the US.

Politics Secure & Stable

interview: Karim Sinjari

Minister Karim Sinjari provides IIG with exclusive analysis of the current security situation in the Kurdistan Region, as well as the KRG's security cooperation with the international community against the ISIS threat.

Higher Education Training Kurdistan’s Future Leaders

interview: Dr. Honar Issa

Dr. Honar Issa provides IIG with exclusive insight into AUDK’s mission, the university’s expanding education strategy, and its contribution to the creation of the next generation of leadership in the Kurdistan Region.

Business Boosting Trade for Growth

interview: Samal Sardar

Samal Sardar explains why he believes the Kurdistan Region remains an attractive destination for foreign investment and discusses the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s plans for economic reform and growth in 2015.

Business Invisible Protection & Energy Savings

interview: Martin Westney

Martin Westney explains the security and energy-saving benefits of AGT glass products, his growing portfolio of clients, and the opportunities available to foreign firms in Kurdistan.

Energy International Standards, Local Roots

interview: Colin Gaskin

Colin Gaskin speaks with IIG about 36N’s efforts to bring international standards to the facilities and property management sectors in Kurdistan and explains why the company is committed to the regional economy in the face of recent geopolitical turmoil.

Tourism Hands-On Management at Erbil Rotana

interview: Ghassan Dalal

Rotana announced the appointment of Ghassan Dalal as the new GM of Erbil Rotana in August 2014. Kurdistan Review talks to Dalal about his priorities, the new Arjaan development for long-term stays, and why he believes the Kurdistan Region will thrive in 2015.

Diplomacy The UK: A Friend to the Kurdistan Region

interview: Angus Mckee

British Consul General Angus McKee discusses the growing commercial ties between the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom and shares his government's support for the KRG's reform efforts.

Diplomacy Kurdistan's Leading Research Center

interview: Prof. Dlawer Ala'Aldeen

Professor Dlawer Ala’Aldeen gives an overview of the areas of focus that will guide MERI’s research in the coming year and the Institute’s role in supporting reform in the Kurdistan Region.



Registering an Oil Services Company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Focus: Erbil Business & Trade Center


Across from the green expanse of Erbil’s Sami Abdul Rahman Park, a giant new building is quickly rising into the city’s skyline.