TJets Aviation was founded in Istanbul in 2010. Please talk us through your key achievements?
Thanks to its strategic location between Dubai, Moscow and the European continent, Istanbul has always been a good place to base executive jets. Since 2001, the business aviation industry has grown at more than double the rate compared with the rest of air traffic in Europe. As a result, TJets has become one of the very well known companies within the region.

I believe our uniqueness primarily lies in our ability to quickly and professionally respond to every flight request. This is strength is due to our corporate structure, which is designed exclusively for revenue flights. Our reliable service has been recognized not only by end users but also by the executive charter brokerage community.

Can you please tell us more about your service and its advantages?
The main advantages of our service are speed, privacy and comfort. When you choose to utilize a private jet, you are able to fly to a greater number of airports than is possible with the standard commercial airlines. As a result, you get to your final destination faster and more directly. In fact, two-thirds of our business flights are between cities not served by daily scheduled flights.

Another advantage is the privacy the charter service offers: you can freely discuss important and confidential matters with your colleagues. Whether privacy is important to you for business or personal reasons, private jets offer a discrete travel environment.

As a luxury brand, how do you ensure you stay at the top of your game?
In order to stay at the top, we pay great attention to the quality of our service. From catering to greeting passengers at the terminal, no detail is ignored. We have a database for the food and drink preferences of our passengers so that when they fly with us again, they will have their favorite foods during the flight.

Accessibility is another important feature in this business. Our aircraft is registered in the most frequently utilized internet-based sales systems and our Commercial Department can respond by telephone or e-mail to any flight request within an hour.

Has there been a significant increase in executive charter flights to Iraqi Kurdistan with the opening of the Erbil International Airport in 2010?
We see the most potential growth in Iraqi Kurdistan; the increasing GDP thanks to its natural resources makes Iraqi Kurdistan an ideal market for growth.

The main factors in the growth of business aviation are increased spending power, the globalisation of large companies, new business models for the high-income segment, and travellers who are less willing to accept the hassles of travelling via scheduled airlines. All of these elements are currently present in modern Iraqi Kurdistan.

Moreover, with the very recent decision of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to lift its ban on commercial planes flying from the US into Iraqi Kurdistan, we strongly believe there will be a tremendous amount of executive charter traffic on par with scheduled services, which has grown more that 400% in just 4 years.

Are there any regions or countries in which TJets is not presently operating or refuses to carry passengers?
We have very good insurance coverage and as long as our aviation safety standards are met, TJets and its highly experienced crew can fly to any part of the world.

What do you hope to achieve as a company in the next five years?
We believe that the market is saturated in 1500-2000 nautical mile (nm) range mid-size aircraft. Only about 10% of business flights are over the 1500 nm range. However, this 10% is a very lucrative market. Our objective in the near future is to convert our fleet to larger aircraft with greater range. This will enable us to connect to Asian and European destinations and benefit from the less covered segments of the market.