Can you give our readers a breakdown of the clientele that frequent your store?
60% of our clients are locals, 20% are from Turkey, and the other 20% are from Europe or America. Actually, only about 20% of our customers are patrons of the Divan Hotel. Of course, the Divan attracts the highest-ranking executives and Beymen caters to an exclusive clientele, so there is an obvious connection there.

Turning to Beymen’s current collection, what are some of the leading brands and items available?
Beymen offers its own line of clothing, and then it offers top brands like Cornelliani, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Armani; we have more than 80 brands for men and women. In terms of items, we offer everything a person could need. Jackets, pants, ties, cufflinks, socks, shoes, bags, jewelry… everything.

Is there a specific brand that you think executives need to know about?
Kiton. It’s an Italian brand from Napoli, and it’s the best quality you can find in Kurdistan… and, to be honest, anywhere else in the world. Most of Kiton’s products are hand made. You can feel how good the quality is as soon as you put it on; it makes you feel good just to touch it.

Do you think that the current global fashion trends are starting to take root here in Erbil?
It’s different depending on the area. For example, just because the color blue is fashionable in Istanbul doesn’t mean that it’s fashionable here. You can wear lots of different colors or patterns in Europe and look quite fashionable, but here, you will stand out. Most of our local customers prefer light brown or beige clothing. They start wearing those colors at an early age, and those colors become very ingrained in their fashion preferences. However, we want to expose them to lots of different options.