Top Foreign Investors in Turkey (2015)

In the first months of 2015, Turkey saw a massive decrease in interest from EU countries, traditionally its biggest investors, with FDI from EU countries not surpassing $439 million per month and falling as low as $170 million one month. Over this time period, FDI figures were led by Asian countries, however, a massive upsurge in FDI from EU countries, later in the year, redressed the balance, with $2.9bn coming from EU countries in July alone. By the end of the year, 65.7% of FDI had come from European countries, 13.3% had come from countries in the Americas, and 21.0% had come from countries in Asia. Of the Asian countries, Gulf countries’ proportion of FDI decreased slightly, even while actual FDI amount increased slightly, while FDI from Middle Eastern countries dropped notably. However this was made up for by FDI from other Asian countries more than doubling in real terms.

Erbil Rotana
Top Foreign Investors in Turkey (2015)

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